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System Performance Lab - SPL

Our mission:

The mission of the lab is to support ISE academic programs and project sponsors with ongoing research and professional services that advance understanding and knowledge of System Performance and contribute to the enabling technology available for design, test, operation, and management of high-performance complex systems. The goal is to provide a quality of service to sponsors, students, and faculty that result in the contribution of knowledge formation, technology advancement, and economic development throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and beyond.


What we do: 

Research activities in the SPL include:

  • Enterprise Performance Measurement (Metrics and Improvement)
  • Data Envelopment Analysis
  • Fuzzy Sets and Logic
  • System Dynamics Modeling
  • Design of Quality Management Systems
  • Engineering Administration
  • Systems Engineering Management and Systems Science
  • Influential Observation Identification
  • Process Definition, Performance Analysis and Re-engineering
  • Infrastructure Systems (Resilience and Sustainability)
  • Evaluation and Assessment of R&D Enterprises



  • High speed network connections at high-capacity workstations
  • Specialized research software
  • Meeting and video teleconference capabilities


Recent updates:

A travel demand management strategy: The downtown space reservation system

Y. Zhao, K. Triantis, D. Teodorovic and P. Edara, 2010

Optimizing highway maintenance operations: dynamic considerations

Fallah-Fini, S., Rahmandad, H., Triantis, K., & de la Garza, J. M., 2010


Contact Us

7054 Haycock Rd, Room 428

Falls Church, VA, 22043, United States

Phone: (703) 538-8446